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The Easy Way to Tour South America
The calm before the storm
Calm by Richmond Bridge

Calm by Richmond Bridge

3 days to go. We are out for a walk and a bite in beautiful Richmond. The list of things to do shows no sign of diminishing, and each task completed gives birth to two others. Many won’t get done. But as I sample Austrian herbal lemonade in this outdoor German sausage restaurant in Richmond, the sense of resignation to greater forces has set in.

Paola has passed her photography course with distinction, which will hopefully mean that I take fewer of these ‘phone shots. Now I just need to get her camera fixed. That, and storage, and insurance, and banks, and a multitude of other tasks awaits tomorrow. But tomorrow is another day, and this evening is beautiful and deceptively calm. I think we will have mint tea. Next time I write, we will not be in England.

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  1. Alan & Jane says:

    Having dropped in on the Alqasems only a couple of hours ago (i.e. about 12 hours before they leave the UK) we can confirm that the packing is all done, the kids are safely tucked up in bed and Iyas and Paola are relaxing and enjoying a quiet drink on their last night in the UK for 6 months.

    If you believe that you’ll believe anything.

    Have a great trip guys – looking forward to following the blog!!

  2. Ralph & Edina says:

    Hi y’all! It’s great to see a post from Cuba with a character statement on Che. Plus, why didn’t Paola dance!? Looking forward to more as you move on. Keep enjoying yourselves and put fun to max!

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