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The Easy Way to Tour South America
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Dreams and Visions from Cusco
Dreams and Visions from Cusco

It was the wonderful Anne-Marie’s birthday a few days back. She chose to spend it here in Cusco with us and flew over from Dublin. And so, on September 10, we went out with Anne-Marie, one of our oldest friends, with Yuri and Maia, two of our newest. I love my friends for a variety […]

Paola walks Machu Picchu
Paola walks Machu Picchu

As though the Inca Trek were not challenging enough. Sallkantay is the walk for the hardcore. But even that wasn’t enough. Sallkantay only gets you as far as Machu Picchu itself. No, if you really want to join the nutters, you go ABOVE the lost city of the Incas and walk to Huayna Picchu, which […]

Cusco’s Magic Hostel
Cusco's Magic Hostel

Sitting in the hostel at night after a collective grilled chicken and chips run, and the guys here including my son Omar and the founder of the Aldea Yanapay school, Yuri, are playing a game with a set of round cards that I’ve not seen before. The intensity has closed their heads into a circle […]

“Otra Forma de Vivir” – Aldea Yanapay
"Otra Forma de Vivir" - Aldea Yanapay

An eager audience at the weekly show Walking back to my hostel in Cusco alone a couple of nights ago, I saw a schoolgirl of around 11 or 12 years, still in her school uniform, pushing and cajoling her blind drunk father to get him home. He was teetering all over the road and pavement, […]