The Easy Way to Tour South America Lazy dad, hyper mum, four kids (one in nappies) tour South America for 6 months

The Easy Way to Tour South America

The flights are almost all booked. We fly on average once every 13 days. So far. And not always from the last place we landed. Air miles have pretty much got us covered for our flight out to Cancun in Mexico, and back from Sao Paolo in Brazil. Then some hefty search and negotiation from Paola covered the remaining 16-odd flights in between. She found airports in towns I didn’t know existed. Austral Tours, specialists in South America, came up trumps at the very least in the convenience of booking all from one place, and in a patience to go with several permutations of the trip without once showing a hint of annoyance.

So between the six of us, that’s about 120 flight tickets in 6 months. Gulp.

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