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The Easy Way to Tour South America
Sad to be leaving Cuba

Not sure what it was. The friendliness of her people? That there is a lot to do there and their aspirations were more fundemental than waiting for the next Apple release? The feeling that the revolution is never a distant memory? The endless banter in the street with people you’ve never met and would never meet again? Character? The Son? Her ability to force you to rethink?

Whatever it was, I know we will all miss it. A beautiful people in a beautiful country.

And we fly into San Jose in Costa Rica and meet the friendliest immigration official I’ve ever come across.

(album to follow)

4 Responses to Sad to be leaving Cuba

  1. Hani says:

    Cuba is what many won’t be. I made that up. I hope you at least did the Salsa before you left?

  2. Daniel Silva says:

    I’m sad for you! I can imagine the nostalgia after spending a number of days in Cuba, in the real Cuba (not just the touristy parts). Thank you for sharing as much as you did, it was great to read. I hope you can get back soon to continue the exploration and the learning experience.

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